Total Receivables to Revenue

Total Receivables is money that customers owe to the company. When a company sells something to a customer and lets them pay later, it creates a Receivable. This means that the company has a right to receive the money from the customer in the future. Total Receivables equals Receivables minus Bad Debt. Whenever a company sells its goods, they typically extend credit to the purchaser. The purchaser receives the goods and pays later.

Companies in a highly competitive industry extend credit to the purchaser for longer periods of time. The purchaser receives the goods now and pays next year. In contrast, a company with a Durable Competitive Advantage receives their payments sooner. Get the goods now and pay next month.

Compare the company's Total Receivables to Revenue to it's competitors. The lesser, the better.




Total Receivables to Revenue must be consistently less than its competitors:

Total Receivables