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posted Mar 4, 2016, 7:36 PM by Intelligent Investor   [ updated Feb 26, 2022, 10:42 PM ]
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Sold Exxon Mobil (XOM) because Warren Buffett sold it.

Sold Microsoft (MSFT) because I saw something that I like better.

Sold Apple (AAPL), Carl Icahn sold some of his shares, so I just dumped all of mine. Apple's Market Capitalization is currently around $600 Billion which makes me think there is no more growth left. In order for Apple stock to double, the Market Cap will also have to double to $1.2 Trillion. I mean $1.2 Trillion? If a company's hits a Market Cap of $1.2 Trillion, that means they own the entire world already.

Sold Google (GOOGL and GOOG), it is currently overvalued or expensive the P/E Ratio is at 34. There are better deals out there.

I like John Deere (DE), they virtually have a monopoly on farming equipment.

Added Wabco (WBC) because the calculations show that is has growth. Earnings per Share for the last 10 years grew over 20% compounded. The company's Income Statement and Balance Sheet is decent, but not outstanding. There may be some risk to this investment.

Added Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI) the P/E Ratio is currently around 8. However, the company's low Net Profit Margins makes this investment very risky.

Added Viacom (VIAB), I think that their stock is undervalued. I could be wrong because their Revenues are dropping. It could go down further. But the Analysis of Financial Statements show that they have a good chance of surviving through their troubles. Once again, I could be wrong.

DirecTV (DTV) shares converted to AT&T (T) shares because of their merger. So I ended up acquiring AT&T through that. Its dividend is currently at around 6%.