Milk Your Profits

  • The Intelligent Investor milks the profits of a good business and doesn't sell unless the business has gone bad.

"Milk your profits" mean to never sell a highly profitable business.

Owning stock in a highly profitable company give us the following:

  • Increasing Dividend Yield
  • Compounding Interest
  • Rising Stock Price
  • All of the above for a very long time


Example 1: Coca-Cola

From 1988 to 1994, Warren Buffett accumulated stock in Coca-Cola for $1.30 Billion. As of 2014, his investment is worth $17 Billion. A 1,200% return in his original investment.


Initial Investment in 1994 Value as of Year 2014 Return on Original Investment
$1.30 Billion $17 Billion 1,200%


Coca-Cola's Stock Chart:
Stock Chart of Coca-Cola
Source: Thinkorswim by TDAmeritrade


Example 2: Wells Fargo

Warren Buffett's initial investment in Wells Fargo was in 1990. He invested $289 Million in the company. In 2014, the value of his investment ballooned to around $16 Billion. His return on his original investment is over 5,400%.


Initial Investment in 1990 Value as of Year 2014 Return on Original Investment
$289 Million $16 Billion 5,400%


Wells Fargo's Stock Chart:
Stock Chart of Wells Fargo
Source: Thinkorswim by TDAmeritrade


Example 3: American Express

From 1963 to 1964, American Express' stock price plunged from $67 per share to $37 per share. Knowing it was a highly profitable business, Warren Buffett started accumulating its stock. He had invested around $20 Million at that time. As of December 2014, the value of his investment has skyrocketed to the moon at a value of close to $2 Billion. That equates to almost a 10,000% return on his original investment.


Initial Investment in 1964 Value as of Year 2014 Return on Original Investment
$20 Million $2 Billion 10,000%


American Express' Stock Chart:Stock Chart of American Express
Source: Thinkorswim by TDAmeritrade


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