We think the Market has Bottomed. It was on June 17, 2022 @ Dow 29,653

It's time to buy
Buy when we see red
Don't buy when we see green
Cover your puts
Cover your shorts
Cover your butts
Buy when there's blood on "The Street"

When we say that the stock market might have "bottomed," it means that it has reached the lowest point after going down for a while. At some point, people will start thinking that the Dow Jones won't go any lower, and they start buying it again. There are a few reasons why the stock market might have bottomed out. One reason is that inflation is starting to come down. Inflation is when prices for goods and services go up. When inflation goes up, it can hurt people's spending, which can hurt company profits. This can also lead to lower stock prices. But since inflation is starting to come down people will become more optimistic about the future. When people are optimistic, they are more likely to buy stocks, which can drive up prices. Another reason could be that people believe the companies behind the stocks will start doing better in the future, so they want to buy the shares before the prices go up again.

It is important to remember that the stock market is a volatile place, and its prices can go up and down quickly. It is impossible to say for sure whether the stock market has bottomed out or not. However, the factors that I mentioned above suggest that the stock market might be starting to stabilize. If the market goes down again, we will be buying into the dips.