We are still Accumulating our Favorite Value Stock Paramount Global (PARA)

For the past several months we are still accumulating shares in Paramount Global (PARA) formerly known as ViacomCBS. And we are glad that our research has been validated by Berkshire Hathaway. We are glad, but at the same time, also not surprised because the method we are using to value stocks is Buffettology.

We know there is now officially a bear market because the S&P 500 breached -20% from its high yesterday, Friday 5/20/2022. We expect the Dow Jones to soon follow. However, when it comes to PARA, the stock is so cheap and knowing that sometimes individual stocks do not bottom at the same time as the overall market, we will continue to accumulate shares in PARA. At this time, we will be ignoring the bear market and run towards the erupting volcano - KABLOOWEH!!!

The 52-week low for PARA is $26.11.
If it goes below that, it would be a gift.
If it goes below $23, it would be gold.
If it goes below $16, it would be platinum.
If it goes below $11, it would be a rare pink diamond.

Thanks again Berkshire! For validating our research!

Disclosure: We own shares in Paramount Global (PARA).