Swapped Disney (DIS) for more Paramount Global (PARA)

A couple of months ago, we sold most of our shares in Disney (DIS) in exchange for Paramount Global (PARA), formerly known as ViacomCBS (VIAC). Unfortunately for us, we had to take our meager profits in Disney and sell it at a low price of $144.94 in order to buy Paramount Global at a low price of $31.70. Instead of owning two companies in the streaming TV business, we opted to own just one. The valuation of Paramount Global is much more attractive and this year, the growth in their streaming TV business is growing much faster than Disney's. Paramount Global is also in a stronger position to continue to payout dividends, which is what we like. We prefer stocks that payout dividends, so that we are getting paid as we wait for the stock to skyrocket. Disney had to stop paying dividends during the pandemic due to massive losses in their parks business. A comparison of the valuations in both stock is in the table below.

P/E ratio7.77137.34
Forward P/E ratio10.0637.15
Dividend Rate2.61%None
Price to Book Value1.163.12
Debt to Equity Ratio0.860.61
Note: As of 1/17/2022

We are also encouraged to buy more PARA due to the massive insider buying by both the CEO, Bob Bakish, and Chairwoman, Shari Redstone.

Disclosure: We own shares in Paramount Global (PARA) and we no longer own shares in Disney (DIS).