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We are comparing Discover Financial Services (DFS), Visa (V), and Mastercard (MA). And it looks like Visa will make a strong investment. 

As far as Verizon (VZ), the 10-year earnings history does not look good. AT&T's 10-year earnings history looks better.

Disney (DIS) seems like it has a Durable Competitive Advantage. They sell a product that hasn't changed - Mickey Mouse - generations after generations kids will always buy into Mickey and go to Disneyland. Their financial statements also looks good. But the stock is currently expensive.

We also analyzed  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) to see what the big fuss is about. It seems like GMCR has something unique. Coca-cola made a huge investment in GMCR and they were recently bought out by a hedge fund. 

As a side note, we also took a look at Lionsgate (LGF), but their 10 year earnings history, financial statements or balance sheet does not look good.